KRIP-HOP’s work 2023-2026

Leroy and Lateef sitting outside smiling.

Krip-Hop Nation has decided to put our full attention and funding to the awareness and opening of Krip-Hop Institute in Inglewood, CA..  We have four years before the Olympics/Paralympics come to LA, to spread awareness, create a community team, raise funds, pick out a place in the community to build this institute and open it before the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

In these four years, Krip-Hop Nation with our partners like UCLA’s Hip-Hop Study Group, Poor Magazine and Kelvin Sauls, the former Senior Pastor at Holman United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. and more will be holding community events to build up support from all arenas of the city from community leaders, artists, business owners, community boards and more to build Krip-Hop Institute.  Krip-Hop Nation has connections to LA28 Paralympic Games, Leroy Moore is a former Paralympician and Krip-Hop Nation did the theme song for the Netflix’s sports documentary, Rising Phoenix.

On top of the above, Krip-Hop Nation will continue to work with our international chapters especially in Africa and Brazil.  With our South Africa chapter, we are planning to develop a Krip-Hop play and tour it around South Africa.  We are planning to collaborate with Black disabled Brazilians at the United Nation this Summer along with learning about their Black Disabled Movement.

On Art and literature tip, Krip-Hop will continue to hire visual artists from around the world to create original visual painting for the Krip-Hop Institute and at the sometime we will continue with our music projects and Leroy Moore will release his new Acapella Spoken Word album on Juneteenth of 2023 entitled: Krip-Blues Stories Series: Black, Blind & Beautiful Acapella album under the new Krip-Hop Nation LLC! Krip-Hop Nation has published six different chapters in six textbooks and we continue to write for books, journals and media.  We have been working closely with a filmmaker who has won awards for his films starring Krip-Hop artists and we are in talks on producing a Krip-Hop film documentary.

Krip-Hop Nation continues to be on the lecture circuit nationally and internationally with our upcoming presentation at the upcoming  Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference and presenting at the United Nation in the Summer in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.
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