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Krip-Blues Stories Series: Teaching Krip-Blues, EP
Comes out in June/2024 on all online platforms

Krip-Blues Stories Series: Teaching Krip-Blues, EP

Because I’m in graduate student in 2024 going into my fourth year writing my master’s thesis on Krip-Hop Nation’s Community Bases-Learning/pedagogy aka a curriculum, I argue just like Hip-Hop has been used as a teaching tool and empowering youth and community, Krip-Hop Nation can and has been doing the same locally and internationally for almost twenty years.

Like I wrote back in 2017 when I started this series, Krip-Blues Stories EP is my way of paying tribute to Black disabled Blues artists back in the day not only Blind men but Black disabled women artists like on the first EP I paid tribute to Jonnie Ma Dunson who not only sung but wrote many songs and played the drums. The EP has always been a small musical history of Black disabled people and what they had gone through in the height of the Blues era. Of course the EP series can’t mention all Black disabled Blues musicians during that time.

In the tradition of poem-songs like Langston Hughes and because I’m a poet, Krip-Blues Stories EP, are poem-songs that tells stories of Black disabled musicians mostly in the Blues period but with the latest, Krip-Blues Stories Series: Teaching Krip-Blues I expand to include disabled Hip-Hop artist, the late AJ 420,an Asian disabled Hip-Hop artist and Black disabled Blues poet, artist and musician, the late Celeste V. White.

This latest EP in the series will talk about what Blues & Hip-Hop stories can teach our society of how disabled musicians in Blues period to today lived, advocated and how in today society we can update these stories to use today’s empowerment, activism, survival and collaborations to our benefit.

I decided to release this EP, Krip-Blues Stories Series: Teaching Krip-Blues comes out in June 2024 because June is African American Music Appreciation Month and we think that Black disabled especially physically disabled Black musicians has been discriminated against since the Blues period and the rich history of Black disabled musicians from the Blues to Jazz all the up to today’s Hip-Hop’s fifty anniversary who still haven’t gotten their dues. Also very few know about the powerful collaborations between Black disabled musicians like Al Hibbler and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Sonny Terry and Blind Boy Fuller to Krip-Hop collaborations like the late Rob DA Noize Temple and I. The track, Reparations For Black Disabled Blues Singers/Entertainers says it all.

The last poem song on this EP brings the stories up to Hip-Hop dedicated to AJ420 who was a physically disabled Asian Hip-Hop artist from the underground. I pose a question to author, Joan Morgan like, where are disabled women in Hip-Hop and what happens when there is no home for chickenheads to roost?

2024 EP, Krip-Blues Stories Series: Teaching Krip-Blues will have seven tracks and will be the third addition to Krip-Blues Stories Series. First one was entitled, Krip-Blues Stories Series that came out in 2017 and the second was entitled, Black Blind & Beautiful that came out in 2023. EP, Krip-Blues Stories Series: Teaching Krip-Blues here are the titles of the tracks so far:

The Teaching of Krip-Blues
Krip-Hop Blues 101
From Cripple Clarence Lofton to The Black Kripple
The Talk of LA: Charlie Jene
Electric Lady aka Celeste white
Reparations For Black Disabled Blues Singers/Entertainers
When Chickenheads Don’t Have A Home

Image of a vaiety of Artists from different countries with the name of the project displayed.PRESS RELEASE
Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Vol.2, The Elders & The Youth
Brought to you by POOR PRESS (Link)
February 2024
Leroy F. Moore Jr.

Promo video produced and captioned by Hash24, music by the late Rob DA Noize Temple (coming soon).

Book cover’s Image: Leroy Moore holding up a boom box and in the back and the spirit of Rob DA Noize Temple in blue behind them with Roxanne out front leading the way with a spray can. Countries names pop up like Africa, Britain, Germany, Brazil and Italy.

Since the 1990s, Moore, a disabled povertyskola, has been a member of POOR Magazine, starting with the column “Illin-N-Chillin,” and then as a founding member of PeopleSkool, the Homefulness Project, and Deecolonize Academy. Leroy has launched and helped launch organizations including Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization, Sins Invalid, and Krip-Hop Nation. Currently, Leroy is a Ph.D. student in Anthropology at UCLA and a member of UCLA’s Hip-Hop Study Group.

Krip Hop Graphic Novel is a beautiful graphic novel with illustrations by Ottis Smith depicting the power of self-determined poor, Black disabled Krip-Hop elders and youth convening, leading and manifesting solutions and grassroots community-based, real disability justice. The elders of Krip-Hop crown young Roxanne as the new leader of Krip-Hop Nation. Find out the surprises Roxanne has for Krip-Hop’s elders inside of The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NY.

Once again coming out February of 2024 under Poor Press of Poor Magazine.

So check it out Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Vol. 2 the title is The Elders & The Youth coming out on Poor Press. The artwork is done by Ottis Smith. Peace!

Leroy Moore Krip-Hop Nation

Press Release
Krip-Hop Nation’s Germany Chapter
Album release, title: CD Title: KRIP HOP NATION-WARRIORZ
Date: Late January/2024
On all internet platforms like Apple Music and Spotify……..
email: info@saschahummel.art

The Krip Hop Nation is a global coalition of artists with disabilities. Founded in 2000 by Leroy Moore in Berkeley, California, the movement advocates worldwide for the equal rights of people with disabilities.

To achieve this goal, they engage in making music, conducting workshops, touring, networking, and connecting, actively seeking exchange and living inclusivity.

This initiative aims not only to demonstrate to the general public but also to individuals facing challenges that they have the right to equality and participation. One doesn’t need to hide; on the contrary, as a person with disabilities, one can and must be a valuable part of society.

People with disabilities are encouraged to discover, nurture, and live out their talents, with a strong emphasis on living life to the fullest.

In 2010, Binki Woi from Augsburg founded the official German branch, gaining increasing attention in the country.

Since 2013, Psycomatic has been a steadfast member of K.H.N. and participated in the significant UK Tour 2014 under the banner of the Dada Fest, performing in cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool. The goal is to continue this work in Germany, spreading the message globally in the next phase.

Over the past years, a double album involving contributors from around the world has been produced through the German chapter.

The project featured distinguished guests such as Project Pat (Three 6 Mafia), Mr. Serv-On (formerly No Limit Records), Fantan Mojah, Bounty Killer, and several Wu-Tang Affiliates.

Following the tragic passing of one of the crucial members of the Krip Hop Nation, the music legend Rob Da Noize Temple, who was also part of the globally renowned hip-hop formation Sugar Hill Gang, the entire project is now dedicated in memory and tribute to this remarkable, valuable, and dearly missed individual. Rest in peace, dear Rob!


Track-list: 32 tracks

2. WHO AM I Rob Da Noize Temple, Leroy Moore,
Binki Woi, Scili & Psycomatic
3. ONE Rob Da Noize Temple, Psycomatic & Binki Woi
4. RACKET Scili, Psycomatic, Binki Woi & Bowan
5. WARRIORZ Leroy Moore, Binki Woi, Rob Da Noize Temple,
Ronnie Ronnie, Psycomatic, Scili & Lady MJ Warrior
6. JUDGE ME Psycomatic, Scili, Binki Woi, Bowan & Leroy Moore
7. MA DIZEAZE Psycomatic, CB-Funk, Michael Hyde, Mr. Rossi & Binki Woi
8. KRIP HOP 1 LOVE Psycomatic, Bowan, Leroy Moore, Rob Da Noize Temple & Binki Woi
9. MOUNT ZION Bounty Killer, Fantan Mojah, Iyara, Psycomatic & Binki Woi
10. NEVA GIVE UP Psycomatic, Binki Woi, Bowan & Minja
11. SUNSHINE Big Dave, Lyrik, Psycomatic, Binki Woi & Israel Voice
12. WONDAFUL DAYZ Psycomatic, Binki Woi & Waka
13. GET IT DOWN Leroy Moore, Mr. Coronas, Professir X, Perfect K, Binki Woi a.k.a. Dr. Wahnsinn, Big Raf Ikki, Loco Rodriguez, The Campain a.k.a. Zapataghost, King Poncho, Flycat, Kounterclockwise, Sicko Soldado & Y.D.B. / Young Dirty Bastard a.k.a. Boy Jones
14. LOVE & PAIN Dissinotra, Bowan, Dj Quad, Binki Woi a.k.a. Dr. Wahnsinn & Leroy Moore
15. CUTWALK Ronnie Ronnie
16. I CAN DO ANYTHING Rob Da Noize Temple & Leroy Moore
17. KRIPPL LUV Psycomatic, Scili, Bowan, Binki Woi, Toni Hickman, Minja & Mizz Mimi
18. GWAAN STR8 Binki Woi
19. MENTAL IMAGEZ Leroy Moore, Rob Da Noize Temple, Scili, Binki Woi & Psycomatic
20. LEGENDZ Binki Woi, Mr. Rossi, Bowan, Psycomatic & Loressa
21. BLACK ROSE Leroy Moore, Binki Woi, Rob Da Noize Temple & Ronnie Ronnie
22. TALK DA TALK Psycomatic, Scili, Bowan, Binki Woi & Minj
23. KRIP KLIKK Binki Woi, Scili, Psycomatic, Big JV & Loressa
24. BREAKIN NECKZ Rita Ree, Project Pat, Da Kid, Psycomatic, Doe & Binki Woi
25. POLITRIX N DA MIX Leroy Moore, Binki Woi, Bowan, Scili & Psycomati
26. BLIND IN EDEN Bowan, Binki Woi, Scili & Psycomatic
27. SOULJAHZ Psycomatic, Mr. Serv-On & Binki Woi
28. STREET LIFE Binki Woi, Psycomatic, Solomon Childs & Loressa
29. WE R ALL SICK Kinetic 9 a.k.a. Beretta 9 of Killarmy, Psycomatic, Marly B, Binki Woi & Leroy Moore
30. F.D.P.A.C.A.B.A.P.FACES Binki Woi, Kounterclockwise & Psycomatic
31. PAIN LANGUAGE Mr. Coronas, Binki Woi a.k.a. Dr. Wahnsinn, Douglas Eduardo, PoetAsesino, Da Weedman, Perfect K, BeiMuzik, Daddie Notch & Kalyn
32. VERSTRAHLTE WELT Tina Schüssler, Binki Woi, Psycomatic & Kinetic 9 a.k.a. Beretta 9 of Killarmy

Press Release
New Album, Public Enemy Krip-Hop Remix
Leroy F. Moore/Krip-Hop Nation
Coming on my birthday, November 2nd/23

Leroy smiling with Chuck D
Leroy Moore and Chuck D.

Hip-Hop has turned 50 this year, 2023. Krip-Hop Nation would like to honored one of our favorite Hip-Hop group, Public Enemy by remixing five songs from PE’s pro Black 1990 album, Fear Of A Black Planet. Krip-Hop Nation has remix five songs from Public Enemy’s 1990 album, Fear Of A Black Planet with Krip-Hop messages plus an intro, beats by my nephew, Sasha Bernstien. Krip-Hop Nation has mix Disability Justice/Krip-Hop politics in Public Enemy’s pro Black messages of the six songs that will come out late Winter of 2023. Leroy Moore, founder of Krip-Hop Nation had an extraordinary opportunity to be a UCLA graduate student in UCLA Hip-Hop Initiative where Chuck D was a guest lecturer. This is Leroy Moore attempt to pay respect to one of his favorite Hip-Hop group aka Public Enemy and at the same time to introduce Black disabled political lyrics. Happy birthday Hip-Hop! Songs including:

1. Intro: PE Krip-Hop Remix,
2. Fight the Power Krip it to Fight Black Ableism,
3. Fear of A Black Planet Krip it to Fear of A Black Disabled Man,
4. Welcome to the Terrordome krip it into Welcome to Kripdome Krip it to Welcome to Kripdome
5. Burn Hollywood Burn krip it into Krip Hollywood Limp
6. Brothers Gonna Work It Out Krip it to Krip-Brotherhood

Shout out to Public Enemy especially Chuck D!

(Picture of Chuck D of Hip-Hop group Public Enemy at KPFA’s Radio station in Berkeley, CA).

Krip-Hop & Music

Since the earliest days of humankind, music and the power of music, has been evident to us.

After World War II a new profession entered the arena – music therapy. With far-reaching benefits and in a variety of settings, the types and methods of music therapy have had a profound impact.

Used in conjunction with traditional therapies, positive psychology, and even as a stand-alone intervention, music therapy offers a variety of benefits. It is these benefits we will evaluate here.

Before you read on, we thought you might like to download this Positive Psychology Information with Helpful Exercises for free. These science-based exercises will explore fundamental aspects of positive psychology including strengths, values and self-compassion and will give you the tools to enhance the wellbeing of your clients, students or employees.

6 Proven Benefits of Music Therapy

Jillian Levy (2017) shares the six major health benefits of music therapy:

  1. Music therapy reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress
  2. It improves healing
  3. It can help manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Music therapy reduces depression and other symptoms in the elderly
  5. It helps to reduce symptoms of psychological disorders including schizophrenia
  6. Music therapy improves self-expression and communication

Media For Your Entertainment & Enjoyment

New Book Coming Soon

Still can’t believe that Krip-Hop’s book Chapters in 2023 are in seven books and one book about meeeeeee, Leroy Moore that is for children.  And one coming out in 2024.

Cover of upcoming book showing a cartoon character of Leroy on stage and at the mic.


Emmy award-winner Leroy Moore, Jr. founded the Krip-Hop Nation, a hip-hop movement for people with disabilities. This biography for early readers examines his life and impact in a simple, age-appropriate way that helps young readers develop word recognition and reading skills. Developed in partnership with Easterseals and written by a member of the disability community, this title helps all readers learn from those who make a difference in our world. The My Itty-Bitty Bio series celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the values that readers of all ages can aspire to.

Order your copy here.


Chapter Title: “When Can Black Disabled Folks Come Home?” The krip-hop movement, race, and disability justice By Leroy F. Moore Jr. and Stephanie Keeney Parks. Book title: Freedom Moves: Hip Hop Knowledges, Pedagogies, and Futures Jan 10/23 


Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop cultural history, Freedom Moves travels across generations and beyond borders to understand Hip Hop’s transformative power as one of the most important arts movements of our time. This book gathers critically acclaimed scholars, artists, activists, and youth organizers in a wide-ranging exploration of Hip Hop as a musical movement, a powerful catalyst for activism, and a culture that offers us new ways of thinking and doing freedom.

Order your copy here.


Chapter Title: Krip-Hop Nation Puts Back the Fourth Element of Hip-Hop, Knowledge With A Political Limp! By Leroy F. Moore, Jr. & Keith Jones Book: Sustaining Disabled Youth Centering Disability in Asset Pedagogies November 25th/2023


Sustaining Disabled Youth explores how disability intersects with other markers of difference to create unique cultural repertoires to be valued, sustained, and utilized for learning. Readers will hear from prominent and emerging scholars and activists in disability studies who engage with the following questions: Can disability be considered an identity and culture in the same ways that race and ethnicity are? How can disability be incorporated to develop and sustain asset-based pedagogies that attend to intersecting forms of marginalization? How can disability serve in inquiries on the use of asset-based pedagogies? Do all disability identities and embodiments merit sustaining? How can disability justice be incorporated into other efforts toward social justice?

Order your copy here.


Chapter Title: The History and Politics of Krip-Hop. By Leroy F. Moore, Jr. and Keith Jones Book Title: Crip Authorship. NYU Press. Publishing date: 2023


Crip Authorship: Disability as Method is an expansive volume presenting the multidisciplinary methods brought into being by disability studies and activism. Mara Mills and Rebecca Sanchez have convened leading scholars, artists, and activists to explore the ways disability shapes authorship, transforming cultural production, aesthetics, and media.

Starting from the premise that disability is plural and authorship spans composition, affect, and publishing, this collection of thirty-five compact essays asks how knowledge about disability is produced and shared in disability studies.

Order your copy here.


Chapter Title: Joe Capers. By Naru Kwin & Leroy Moore The New York Times: Overlooked Book 1. Overlooked A CELEBRATION OF REMARKABLE, UNDERAPPRECIATED PEOPLE WHO BROKE THE RULES AND CHANGED THE WORLD By Amisha Padnani and New York Times November 2023 


An unforgettable collection of diverse, remarkable lives inspired by “Overlooked,” the groundbreaking New York Times series that publishes the obituaries of extraordinary people whose deaths went unreported in the newspaper—filled with nearly 200 full-color photos and new, never-before-published content

Since 1851, The New York Times has published thousands of obituaries—for heads of state, celebrities, scientists, and athletes.

Order your copy here.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 11.22.42 AM

Chapter title: Back to the Community: My Life in Rap, Poetry, and Activism Leroy Moore Edited By Murray Forman, Mark Anthony Neal, Regina N. Bradley Copyright 2023 available November 30/23


This intellectual mixtape is composed of 46 readings that are organized into nine sections representing key concepts and themes: the history of hip-hop, authenticity debates, gender, the globalization of hip-hop, identities, disability, politics, hip-hop and academia, and hip-hop and the media. This new edition also includes greater coverage of gender, sexuality, and racial diversity in hip-hop; hip-hop’s global influence; and hip-hop’s role in social movements and political activism. The pedagogical features include detailed critical introductions framing each section and brief chapter introductions to help readers place each piece in context and within a broader scholarly dialogue.

Order your copy here.


Chapter Title: The Future of Disability Justice for Black Disabled People. By Lateef McLeod and Leroy Moore. Political and Social Movements as part of Bloomsbury’s Encyclopedia of Social Justice and Education series. The anticipated publication date for the series is 2024.


Book published in 2024.


Leroy Moore: Disability Rights in Black 2020

Moan To Me

AJ420: “When The Chickenheads Come Home To Roost” – Enjoy! 

In Memory Of A Dear Friend

Where are physically disabled women in Hip-Hop? I wrote AJ420: When The Chickenheads Come Home To Roost (essay) and When Chickenheads Don’t Have A Home(poem song) to first honor the late rapper, AJ420 and to ask Joan Morgan and the Hip-Hop arena, what about women with physical disabilities? R.i.p. AJ420 aka Ashana Jha, an Asian Indian disabled queer woman rapper Pic the Gender Krip Planet event with Rapper AJ420, deaf poet Joy Elan, Lisa Ganser, Leroy F. Moore Jr. at LaPena Cultural Center in Berkeley, March 30/2019 at 7 pm.

Music & Spoken Word

Black Disabled Man

Calling Mississippi

Cop With PTSD

Kripple Love (Slow Jam)

Eat My Disability

Krip-Hop Little Yellow Bus

AJ420 Playlist on Soundcloud

AJ420 Interview and Release Party Video

AJ420 Interview and Release Party Video

Want to hear more?

For those intereted in hearing more, use this link to hear all the tracks in the Blackkrip-Hop Nation Soundcloud repository.

Message To Gangster Rappers

Old KripHop Logo of a man breakdancing on a record.


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