In Stages: Reaching Up To Black Krip Radicalization

In Stages: Reaching Up To Black Krip Radicalization

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Stage one: As a Black disabled person, we must see ourselves but you ask how? It can start as little as seeing others who are Black, disabled doing stuff in the community, online or seeing or reading or hearing a Black disabled person,this can lead to Black disabled self empowerment. This process must continue so it can erase internal ableism to be replaced with an eagerness to learn more and in the process you start to see that it is people’s ableism that kept you in an non-achievable and lonely path of trying to overcome disability and you realize that you must become an advocate and educator.

Stage two: Black Kripping for me means when we enter a spaces that left us out or have oppressed Black disabled’s accomplishments, history, music, arts, politics in the Black community, history and movements, so when we must first take inventory of the Black ableism in that space then come with our Black Krip politics etc with others knowing that we have been wounded by our own and we must be prepared knowing it will take time to first get our Black community to recognize their Black ableism and why they need to change. Black Krippling is action knowing that we were always there so we are putting into the Black disabled experience with our own Black disabled expression, politics and more. We must know that this process is ongoing and must go deeper than a hashtag. Black spaces can be movements, cultural expression industries like Black music, arts like what Krip-Hop is doing in Hip-Hop and the work of JADE BRYAN,S company, Deaf Talent in the movie industry etc. etc.

Stage three: During and After Black Kripping then we will continue to politicalize our Black community, Black history, culture, art, music with Black disabled culture, politics, terminology, activism aka Black disabled empowerment aka living out loud and proud and putting ourselves, our politics, art, music and theories into Black politics, movements, history and future. We are going from oppression to erasure to self pity to self empowerment to seeing disability as a political, cultural, historical, international identity and movement.

Stage four: To reach the stage of Black Krip Radicalization the person or group is way beyond awareness and self pride, they are politicalize and view that others and society must question what mainstream feeds us thus is not satisfy with inclusion but need liberation and revolution. We also lean on our Black disabled ancestors who gave us paths to liberation. Also at this stage we are creating new theories, terminology, art, music for not only for ourselves but for generations to come. Don’t get me wrong, at this stage we will use all tools to stay solid and to bring others into Black Krip Radicalization.

Throughout the stages: While building to Black Krip Radicalization, we must continue to build Black Krip (Disability) Culture knowing that this is an ongoing process to add to! You asked how?

1. Do our research of Black disabled ancestors
2. Empower ourselves outside mainstream
3. Come together to build a we story
4. Black kripping Black and Disability theory
5. Build our arts, music…..

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