Summer highlights

Beautiful image of the seasons changing.

Leroy Moore Here for Summer of 2023 highlights and what’s coming up this school year 2023-2024.

  • As Summer of 2023 comes to an end, Krip-Hop Nation got some great news!
  • A report back from the Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference, that happened in St. Croix, Virgin Islands of the US, June 5 – 9, 2023. I presented Krip-Hop work and my masters thesis, Krip-Hop pedagogy. It turned out well and they want me to come back. The downfall was Spirit airlines on the way back home, broke my scooter. Thanks to the scooter company who fixed it. At that time, I realized I needed to upgrade to a newer scooter so I raised the funds and will purchase the new scooter.
  • Was hired by my advisor to start organize UCLA Krip-Hop African musicians event int the Spring quarter of 2024. Stay tuned!
  • Was invited to present in Detroit about Krip-Hop Nation/Krip-Hop Institute. There is an interested to form a Krip-Hop chapter there. Stay tuned!
  • Krip-Hop Nation is apart of Poor Magazine’s upcoming movie entitled Crushing Wheelchairs in the Bay area in late August
  • Leroy has been working on his Master’s’ thesis on Krip-Hop pedagogy due in December 2023
  • Krip-Hop presented in New Zealand at a Hip-Hop community conference by zoom on August 25th. Talks on forming a Krip-Hop chapter there. Stay tuned!

2023-2024 school year

  • Applying for an UCLA activist scholarship to continue our work with Poor Magazine in the Inglewood community introducing them to the concept of the Krip-Hop Institute
  • More Krip-Hop book chapters are coming out in a Hip-Hop textbook and other books.
  • Defending my masters thesis in December of 2033

Spring quarter

  • UCLA Krip-Hop African musicians event int the Spring quarter. Stay tuned!
  • Hopefully start the fellowship work with Poor Magazine in the community of Inglewood
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